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I love helping people discover their greatness!

It's my belief that "we can always better our best".

RiseUP Coaching helps Treatment Coordinators discover their personalized SALES GREATNESS while transforming their professional experience into a passion-focused, relationship-dominant, leadership position that blesses both the Treatment Coordinator and Practice long-term.

My services are designed to take you from where you are today, and quickly elevate revenue, increase same-day contracts, elevate your conversion rate, reduce workload, relieve financial stresses, increase TC retention, and create more raving fans of your practice!

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Brooke Oliphant | RiseUP Coaching - Orthodontic Coaching and Consulting

From Treatment Coordinator to Sales Coach... My Story:

My nature is to lead, invent, create, and have a positive impact.

So far, my life has been rich with exciting and rewarding professional experiences, starting with my first business (portrait and wedding photography) when I was 19 years old.

I quickly learned as an Entrepreneur that the EXPERIENCE DELIVERED and my ability to EARN TRUST were foundational for success and growing a referral-only reputation.

If you ask me to share something I'm glad I experienced as a Treatment Coordinator, 10 out of 10 times I'd talk about the powerful impact of transforming the consultation into a patient-focused experience.

Did the shift in approach result in elevated success? Yes.

Did the shift in style require more energy and attention? Yes.

Did increasing same-day sales reduce follow-up efforts? Yes.

Focusing on the human-to-human connection was a blessing to me personally, and the heightened success increased my professional enjoyment.

Being a Treatment Coordinator requires GRIT & PASSION!

It's a leadership position that holds significant value for the practice.

Being a Treatment Coordinator requires self-accountability, self-motivation, high energy, and emotional intelligence.

As the leader of sales, it can be incredibly special and rewarding. . . and it can be amazingly overwhelming.

When I was an "industry average" Treatment Coordinator, I was easily stressed. Practice goals seemed "impossible" and "unrealistic", and I was often second-guessing myself. My training was minimal, and the goal was to be as much like my predecessors as possible.

I'm sure it goes without saying. . . when you're trying to "fit yourself into a box", "fake it 'til you make it", and "be like someone other than yourself", optimal results are impossible.

With a long background in business ownership, sales, marketing, and boutique customer service, I was constantly evaluating the consultation experience, my responsibilities and impact as a Treatment Coordinator, and the Orthodontic business model as an Entrepreneur.

What I discovered on my journey to redesigning the sales process was how personal the consultation needed to be to elevate same-day sales success and reduce follow-ups.

When I say "personal", I mean CUSTOM & VALUABLE for the prospect. . . not just delivering a script or process that's "about me, the practice, technologies, etc.".

I quickly discovered that most of what I'd been told to talk about wasn't actually what people needed to hear to say "YES".

With each stage in the evolution of my New Patient Experience, the consultation structure became more and more question-forward with a very "human-to-human" approach, and I was rewarded over and over with elevated success. . .

Same-day sales skyrocketed and my overall conversion rate was record-setting.

With elevated success came elevated buy-in. I was ON FIRE and PASSIONATE about my patients, practice, and the industry, and was continually looking for ways to further my positive impact and grow professionally!

Positive momentum produces more positive momentum.

One of the biggest takeaways from my Treatment Coordinating career... a huge reason why I started RiseUP Coaching and became a coach for Treatment Coordinators and Orthodontists, is this:

You can have "all the right elements". . . online paperwork, text messaging, a state-of-the-art facility, and the "best of the best" in systems and technology. . . and still have an average conversion rate.

It's not just "what you're doing" but "how you're doing it".

I was blessed to work for talented, compassionate, growth-focused Doctors who were also life-changing mentors.

I was honored with professional recognition for achieving a record-setting annual same-day sales conversion rate. . . two years in a row.

I was also aware that while I was enjoying the thrills of success, many Orthodontists and Treatment Coordinators were struggling.

At the foundation of each of my professional endeavors is this truth: I love business!

As a business owner, I know the grueling hours of being an owner-operator. I know the stress and sleepless nights, the challenges of being an employer, and surviving on faith and sweat to turn your dreams into reality.

As a Growth Advocate for Doctors, I'm able to support the business success goals of Doctor-Entrepreneurs by training sales skill sets necessary for financial stability, and providing a roadmap for adaptation because "nothing stays the same forever".

As a Sales Coach, I'm able to empower Treatment Coordinators to become SALES ROCKSTARS through a personalized, hands-on training program full of everything I've learned "the hard way" and through "trial and error", saving Treatment Coordinators and their Doctors years of unnecessary struggling.

From industry average to awarded, and everything in between, the journey from then to now was a wild ride, and one I'm thankful for every day.

Thank you for being here with me!

~ Brooke


"We can always better our best!"

"We don't know what we don't know."

"Today is a great day to have a great day!"

"Information without implementation is simply information."


Family + Being a Mom

Coffee (Cream + Truvia)

Working Out (Gym)


Cooking (wannabe Chef)

Red Wine

Music + Dancing

Movies (adventure, action, nothing scary)

Reading (seriously, I'm obsessed)


Crunchy Peanut Butter

Bike Riding


The Beach

The Mountains


Being an Entrepreneur

Brooke Oliphant | RiseUP Coaching
RiseUP Coaching | Orthodontic Consulting - Quote
Brooke Oliphant | RiseUP Coaching
RiseUP Coaching | Orthodontic Consultant - quotes
Brooke Oliphant | RiseUP Coaching - Orthodontic Coaching and Consulting
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